Irish Animation Awards & Beyond

A few photos from our trip to Dingle for the Irish Animation Awards and Dingle Animation FIlm Festival!
An excellent time had hanging out with new and old friends:

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Irish Animation Awards Statuette

PP’s Eimhin was asked to design the inaugural Irish Animation Awards trophy for the event which will be taking place in conjunction with the Dingle Animation Festival on Friday the 13th of March.


The initial concept  used a lake monster. To help tie it into the realms of animation, he created a visual reference to the bouncing ball, as well as the ubiquitous animation disc, things familiar to anyone that has ever picked up a pencil to animate.

An alternative next concept, was an attempt to incorporate the Animation ireland logo into the piece in some way, so the idea of creating a phenakistoscope with a run cycle came to mind


Above is the cleaned up run cycle, and below, you can see it in situ on the disc, broken up into 12 segments, one for each pose of the cycle.


Once Eimhin got the go ahead to focus on the Animation Ireland concept, he coloured up the final run cycle and updated it through to the disc.



In this version there is an added film-perforation motif around the edges. You can see in the mockup below, by way of a proof of concept, that the film-perforations were used in line up the internal ‘spokes’ of the wheel, so that the drawing pin would catch on them, holding the image in position momentarily.



Above is the CMYK printing template which was used to create the prototype and below you can see the final design, slimmed down and cleaned up for the Lee Brothers to fabricate!


Thanks for reading, we look forward to sharing the completed trophy with you!