Dogs in Space!

Dogs in Space #1: Laika


Dogs in Space #2: Leroy


We’ve updated our print shop with some space themed prints!

You can pick them up here:

These are part of an ongoing series that Eimhin’s been working on the past few years, so stay tuned for more!



An tEarrach Thiar Prints!

We have added a selection of prints from Eimhin’s forthcoming film An tEarrach Thiar, available as high quality A4-sized prints for €25 and archival quality A3-sized prints for €80!
If you’d like to take home some of the scenery of 1930s Inis Mór, swing by our shop here: atet_04 atet_05 atet_08

New Greeting Cards!

We’ve added four more greeting cards to our Shop

The Thin Air

Our interview with the Thin Air is online! We have a three page spot, with photography by Aidan Kelly-Murphy. Many thanks to Loreana Rushe for getting us on board! You can read the full issue here: LINK

In other news, we tested out one of our screens during the week and today the shirts finally arrived from our supplier, so we’ll be be getting into our first run of 25 shortly.

Be sure to check out our Shop, and by all means let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Paper Panther Paraphernalia!

Our shop is now on-line!

There are Foxy flipbooks, and a number of T-shirts and prints to choose from, so far!
We’ll be getting everything printed up and photographed in earnest at the end of the month but in the meantime all of the items are available for pre-order!

We are also looking into offering an additional shirt or a vest option, so now’s the time to let us know if there are any things you’d like to see our work printed on and indeed if you have any notes on the page in general!

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The Lads
The Lads

Here are recent T-shirt design concepts by Eimhin, along with some mockups featuring older illustrations to give an idea of what they’d look like on the shirts.

These would be produced using a 3 colour screenprint process, so will probably involve a number of colour or stencil tweaks to get them working in as neat a way as possible, as well as figuring out what colour fabrics to work with that would best suit the illustration. We might do a little voting system once we have five or six designs on-line, so you can choose whichever one will be the first to go under the screen printing press.

In the coming weeks you’ll be able to buy these shirts, as well as animated flipbooks, prints and pop-up cards, once we’ve finished with the final tweaks, so stay tuned!


Greeting Cards

A number of cards illustrated by PP’s Eimhin.
They shall soon be available to purchase.

2014 Animation Art Show Print

An limited edition print created by PP’s Eimhin for the 2014 Animation Art Show, which is auctioning off hundreds of lovely pieces in aid of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation and the ISPCC


And here’s a gif showing the process: