Dogs in Space!

Dogs in Space #1: Laika


Dogs in Space #2: Leroy


We’ve updated our print shop with some space themed prints!

You can pick them up here:

These are part of an ongoing series that Eimhin’s been working on the past few years, so stay tuned for more!




Along with the recent An tEarrach Thiar scene illustrations, we’ve also released some additional prints for sale on the Paper Panther Shop:

Battling Wolfhounds
Chaloupa in an armchair
St Brigid: 50% of proceeds from this print’s sale will go to the Abortion Rights Campaign
Honda 50


Happy Post-Christmas!

Here’s our festive little card for this year!

The characters were based off some sketches from last year:

2015-11-15-23-08-152015-11-15-23-07-46 2015-11-16-01-14-37


I redesigned them a little, cutting the raccoon for the sake of simplicity, and laid them out. Below you can see the animation and colour process for the Fake Chrismasman:

Ubiquitous GiF loops


An tEarrach Thiar – BG Process

We were very generously asked to contribute to an anthology of Irish language songs, produced in collaboration with Sónta Films, the Cartoon Saloon and Kíla.

Here’s a little taste of Eimhin’s contribution: An tEarrach Thiar
Based on a poem by Máirtín Ó Direáin, with an original arrangement by Kíla and lush vocals provided by Lisa Hannigan, the film takes place in that golden hour, as the sun sets on a spring day on the island of Inis Mór.

You can view a previous post, featuring photos taken on a research trip to Inis Mór here: LINK

Here’s how I went about putting together one of the early shots:


Initial storyboards, roughly laying out the pertinent elements and actions involved in the scene


Layout drawing, locking down the details, and adding in the foreground element to help with framing


Timelapse of the background being painted


Final painting. The addition of some cliffs in the BG, helped to delineate the brightly lit ‘steps’ from the sky


And here it is comped in with the characters (character animation by Katie Sherlock)

Within each scene the BG painting was separated into different layers, with some clone-stamping to cover any overlap. This allows some repositioning, and addition of cloud movement in the sky, or wave movement on the water. In addition to these digital edits, some other BGs required more lighting in comp, but as this one is one of the introductory shots it wasn’t as extreme in terms of photoshop work to reign in or emphasise the painted elements.

Here are some photos of our brilliant animation crew at work:


Our singer, Lisa Hannigan, with crew members Katie & Ciara

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing more of this project with you in the coming months!

– E.


The sun setting over the Aran Islands, as viewed from Fanore, Co. Clare.

Cave Canem

Cave Canem, a recent cut-out illustration piece by Eimhin.

Cave Canem

Some process:

Details of the piece:

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Some recent illustrations by Eimhin, which arrived at their destination last week



The Lads
The Lads

Here are recent T-shirt design concepts by Eimhin, along with some mockups featuring older illustrations to give an idea of what they’d look like on the shirts.

These would be produced using a 3 colour screenprint process, so will probably involve a number of colour or stencil tweaks to get them working in as neat a way as possible, as well as figuring out what colour fabrics to work with that would best suit the illustration. We might do a little voting system once we have five or six designs on-line, so you can choose whichever one will be the first to go under the screen printing press.

In the coming weeks you’ll be able to buy these shirts, as well as animated flipbooks, prints and pop-up cards, once we’ve finished with the final tweaks, so stay tuned!



A little tribute by Eimhin for a friend, featuring his springer spaniel Tarka

Below is a GIF versionTarka


Animation created for the live performance of Ten14, celebrating the life and times of Brian Boru, as part of the Battle of Clontarf Millennial.


Featuring Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra on Harp with animation by PP’s Eimhin McNamara.

Premiered Saturday the 19th of April, 2014, at The Ark, Dublin Temple Bar

For upcoming performances:

Special thanks to the Staff and Board of the Ark, Dublin.


Irish Animation Awards Statuette

PP’s Eimhin was asked to design the inaugural Irish Animation Awards trophy for the event which will be taking place in conjunction with the Dingle Animation Festival on Friday the 13th of March.


The initial concept  used a lake monster. To help tie it into the realms of animation, he created a visual reference to the bouncing ball, as well as the ubiquitous animation disc, things familiar to anyone that has ever picked up a pencil to animate.

An alternative next concept, was an attempt to incorporate the Animation ireland logo into the piece in some way, so the idea of creating a phenakistoscope with a run cycle came to mind


Above is the cleaned up run cycle, and below, you can see it in situ on the disc, broken up into 12 segments, one for each pose of the cycle.


Once Eimhin got the go ahead to focus on the Animation Ireland concept, he coloured up the final run cycle and updated it through to the disc.



In this version there is an added film-perforation motif around the edges. You can see in the mockup below, by way of a proof of concept, that the film-perforations were used in line up the internal ‘spokes’ of the wheel, so that the drawing pin would catch on them, holding the image in position momentarily.


Above is the CMYK printing template which was used to create the prototype and below you can see the final design, slimmed down and cleaned up for the Lee Brothers to fabricate!