New Lifedrawing course at A4 Sounds

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Above you can see some work by Eimhin made during recent lifedrawing classes he hosts at A4 Sounds.

A new 6 week course starts on the 4th of September, every Monday from 7-9PM, €50 for all 6 classes:
All skill levels are welcome, from never picked up a pencil before to rusty old master. The key focus of this course is to engender a curiosity in the world around you, using drawing as a tool to aid understanding.
Over the duration of the course you will work on observational drawing skills using exercises such as:
Gesture & Acting, Blind & Bamboo Stick Drawing, Contour & Silhouette work, Perspective & Proportion point referencing, Tone & Colour, as well as Sculpture. There will also be some more experimental aspects, exploring deliberate distortion of the figure and stylisation of form.
If you’d like to drop in for individual classes, at €10 per class, you can book yourself in using this link:

Check out the facebook group for more work from the classes here:


We built a miniature vacuum former for a project which is currently in production. It ain’t pretty, but it works!
Looking forward to exploring this method more in future!

St Kilian’s Deutsche Schule Animation Week!

This week at Paper Panther HQ we’re entertaining a transition year group from St Kilian’s Deutsche Schule.
The Introduction to Animation course is running all week at A4 Sounds Studios for 2 hours per day:

Day 1: Sand Animation!

2016-01-25 15.45.51

2016-01-25 15.46.26

2016-01-25 15.46.01

The animation is created frame by frame by painting with sand, creating a textural and atmospheric effect.

Day 2: Storyboarding and Pre-Production!






2016-01-27 14.35.07

2016-01-27 14.34.32

During this workshop we work with the students to create a story, as well design and build characters for stopmotion animation

Day 3: Stopmotion Animation!

2016-01-27 16.14.57

2016-01-27 16.14.52

2016-01-27 14.34.15

2016-01-27 14.36.45

2016-01-27 14.35.53

2016-01-27 14.35.45

Using the characters and backgrounds from the Pre-Production workshop, the students create their own short stopmotion film.

Day 4: Animorphs!

In this class we explore hand-drawn animation, with the students working together to transform from one drawing to the next. You can see the end result above!

Day 5: Pixilation!

For this class we’ll be animating real objects and people to create a surreal short film!

We’ll be putting up the results from the stopmotion workshops once they’re all edited together!


In the meantime if you have a group that would like to get involved in one of our workshops you can get in touch with us here:

Greeting Cards added to shop



Hi all, we’ve added a selection of greeting cards to the shop, which you can order at the moment. They will be shipped at the end of August.


Rooster Screening at Jena as part of Cellu l’Art’s Summer Programme

The delightful organisers of Cellu l’Art in Jena, Germany, sent us on some photos from the screening of The Rooster the Crocodile and the Night Sky with Magic in the Moonlight on the 20th of July:
11721288_1212356512123902_555106724_n 11777964_1212356542123899_330402142_n 11774669_1212356555457231_1128956516_n 11759035_1212356422123911_327014178_n (1)

You can watch Pádraig’s Annie Award nominated film here:

Sound Wizard

Made for, our frequent musical collaborator, who is currently working on the sound for Pádraig Fagan’s An Gadhar Dubhsoundwizz

YesEquality @ Damn Fine Print

We bought some prints from Damn Fine Print‘s #YesEquality exhibition today and found a robot too!
Eimhin also got to sign all of his prints, while in at Block T, Smithfield,​ so be sure and swing by to pick some up!

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