Cave Canem

Cave Canem, a recent cut-out illustration piece by Eimhin.

Cave Canem

Some process:

Details of the piece:

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Pop-up Dogmas



Here’s a little family portrait made by Eimhin over the past few weeks


2015-12-11 07.03.48

It began with this rough sketch. I ended up flipping Chaloupa, and adding in a little tree topper to help the composition


Then the illustration was built up with vectors


A quick colour & layering test to make sure overlap and overhang is working


It was then broken up and outputted to our die cutter.


IMG_6235IMG_6237 IMG_6242IMG_6273


IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6254


Tree & Eimhin


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New Workshop Option: Puppet Building

We’ve added an additional workshop option: Miniature Puppet Building!

Design and build miniature figures, using a wire skeleton armature, masking tape, and stuffing!

It’s usual duration is 60 minutes, with a group size of between 10-25 students, and suitable for ages 10+

You can view this workshop along with the many other options on our Travelling Animation Workshops page.

If you’d like to get in touch about any of our workshops, you can contact us at or via the contact form below

Depth Map experiment

depthmaptestA quick test using an illustration by Eimhin and depth maps within Photoshop.



A recent portrait Eimhin created of Fyodor Grigoryevich Bortsov of the Soviet Navy​. Made using watercolour stock, ink and enamel paint, with pillow stuffing for the beard.

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AN682847702009vet15-Fyodor-A life well lived: Fyodor Grigoryevich Bortsov, born 1927, was a driver, diver, machine-gunner, electrician and worked on the motor torpedo boats, Pacific fleet (Photo source: James Hill) LINK

Complimentary Paw

Close up of the build in progress

A little pull-tab card designed by Eimhin, featuring studio intern Leroy.

Here’s a few steps in the process:

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A little promo image for our collaboration with the Animation Alliance and Screen Director’s Guild of Ireland.

SCIENCE & MAGICK will be screening in the Galway Film Fleadh on Sunday the 12th during the morning animation shorts programme!

Watch the full video here:


A video promoting Irish Animation made for The Screen Director’s Guild of Ireland.

Written and Directed by Pádraig Fagan

Live Action Director of Photography Bob Gallagher

Aidan O’Sullivan, Aoife Fagan, Carol Freeman, Sophia Kansanniva, Eimhin Mcnamara, Conor Bent, David Kennedy

Narration by Pat Fagan

Animation and Post Production by Eimhin McNamara

Sound & Music by Chris McLoughlin

Production Assistant Gareth Lyons

Produced by Gavin Carton

Thanks to the D’Olier Street Blood Donation Clinic, Dublin and Rua Red Art Centre, Tallaght, and A4 Sounds Studios, Dublin.

Special thanks to Birch Hamilton, Pierce Ryan and the staff of the Screen Director’s Guild of Ireland

Behind the scenes photos and video

Continue reading SCIENCE & MAGICK

Confectionary Shenanigans

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Eimhin was up to some confectionary shenanigans this week

Irish Animation Awards Statuette

PP’s Eimhin was asked to design the inaugural Irish Animation Awards trophy for the event which will be taking place in conjunction with the Dingle Animation Festival on Friday the 13th of March.


The initial concept  used a lake monster. To help tie it into the realms of animation, he created a visual reference to the bouncing ball, as well as the ubiquitous animation disc, things familiar to anyone that has ever picked up a pencil to animate.

An alternative next concept, was an attempt to incorporate the Animation ireland logo into the piece in some way, so the idea of creating a phenakistoscope with a run cycle came to mind


Above is the cleaned up run cycle, and below, you can see it in situ on the disc, broken up into 12 segments, one for each pose of the cycle.


Once Eimhin got the go ahead to focus on the Animation Ireland concept, he coloured up the final run cycle and updated it through to the disc.



In this version there is an added film-perforation motif around the edges. You can see in the mockup below, by way of a proof of concept, that the film-perforations were used in line up the internal ‘spokes’ of the wheel, so that the drawing pin would catch on them, holding the image in position momentarily.



Above is the CMYK printing template which was used to create the prototype and below you can see the final design, slimmed down and cleaned up for the Lee Brothers to fabricate!


Thanks for reading, we look forward to sharing the completed trophy with you!