Paper Panther:


The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky (dir. Pádraig Fagan, Barley Films 2008)

  • 2008 Corona Film Festival, Cork – Winner of the Claire Lynch Award
  • 2008 SDGI, Dublin – Recipient of the Finders Series Award for Short Film
  • 2010 Nominated for Best Short Subject, Annie Awards, Los Angeles

Workshops Films:

Kung Fu Badger (DLRCC, 2014)

  • 2015 Manchester Animation Festival, Manchester, UK – Best Film by Children (Under 16)
  • 2015 Corti a Ponte Film Festival, Padua, Italy – The LITTLE JURY AWARD (5y)
  • 2015 Corti a Ponte Film Festival, Padua, Italy – The YOUNG JURY AWARD (10y):
    “Disegni accurati, ottima colonna sonora. Storia divertente, significativa e commovente. La storia dà un messaggio chiaro e condivisibile: inquinare è dannoso per l’ambiente. Se continuiamo ad inquinare l’ambiente si vendicherà. Sfruttare gli animali a scopo di lucro è dannoso quanto inquinare. Capacità di lanciare un messaggio importante divertendo.”
  • 2015 Corti a Ponte Film Festival, Padua, Italy – The YOUNG AUDIENCE (5-10y) AWARD

Super Hog (PURE Project, 2012)

Bonfire (DLRCC, 2014)

MC TRA$H: Transformation Revelation (PURE Project, 2013)

Mason Phelps: Private Eye (PURE Project, 2013)

  • 2014 ENIMATION little elephant Festival, Slovenia – 1st Place
    “In the classical criminal story – stylistically flirting with film noir – the authors successfully included the problems of ecology and recycling. A witty story with a solid dramaturgic bow does not merely attract us with the carefully chosen details, but also succeeds in showing the emotional states of the characters. Filmic framing, original music, and the unobtrusive soundscape help to further strengthen the story. Carefully selected sequence of various shots gives the story the proper rhythm, suggested by the genre.”

Love Steak (Cartoon Saloon, 2013)

Bog Standard (PURE Project, 2012)

Nuclear Winter (PURE Project, 2012)

  • 2014 Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria – 3rd Place
  • 2013 Uranium Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Berlin, Germany / Texas, USA – Special Recognition
  • 2013 Fresh Film Festival, Ireland – Brown Bag Films Award for Best Animation
    “Great animation, great timing. Story was fun and action packed with a tight and funny fight sequence. Some of the subtle moves representing the camera worked really well. Overall, very impressive”

Rubbish Express (PURE Project, 2012)